Implementation of gardens layouts
(according to either your or our projects)
- private and state companies and firms
- private gardens
- purpose green (surroundings of schools, sport centers etc.)
- concourse (village green, squares etc.)
- cemetery
- pleasure-grounds

Implementation of landscape layouts
(according to either your or our projects)
- line greenery along the highways and other roads
- bio corridors
- accompanying greenery beside rivers and ponds

Implementation of interior greenery
(according to either your or our projects)
- implementation of houseplants into the entry of companies,
  eventually its offices

- projection of all above mentioned types of greenery
- realization of calculations of the projects, eventually maintainance

- maintainance of all types of greenery
- add-ons of new outplantings and flowers to existing greenery

- in the area of greenery maintainance
- in the area of greenery damamages
- we undertake assistance in the area of greenery layouts
- evaluation of greenery for preparations of new buildings

- growing of decorative materials

- sale of vegetable materials - see Price list
- sale of materials which are necessary for greenery implementation;
  we ensure complete delivery of wood species, stakes for trees,
  natural beckets, mulch fleeces, eventually grass seeds

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